These Solar Panel Array Mounting Brackets / Top Caps are the perfect solution for your ground mounted solar array needs! This easy to use universal mounting solution provides a secure and dependable way to construct a reliable and long lasting ground mounted off grid solar system. Don't waste time and money welding or using custom parts - just bolt it on and go! Construct your solar array with this high quality, galvanized steel bracket and universal available parts from your local hardware or big box store! Available in 2 sizes: 2” (2 3/8” OD) or 2.5” (2 7/8" OD) ground mounted pipe. OD = Outer Diameter

• Secures to SCH40/80 pipe or Oil field pipe with 2 set bolts 

• Supports 2" (2 3/8" OD) cross piping with U-bolt hardware 

• Utilizes universal parts available at local hardware store or big box store 

• Heavy duty zinc coated steel with two 3/8" U-bolts to fit 2" (2 3/8" OD) pipe 

• Perfect for off-gridder, homesteader or do-it-yourselfer to design economical solution 

• Unlimited configurations - can be used for one panel or dozens 

• No welding required - just bolt it on and go! 

• Available in 2 sizes to fit standard galvinized pipe: 2” (2 3/8” OD) or 2.5” (2 7/8” OD) ground mounted pipe